'I'm afraid for my life': Tenants at Cross Creek Pointe say they're fed up with constant shootings

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Thursday, July 13, 2023
Cross Creek Pointe tenants say they're fed up with constant shootings
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Tenants at Fayetteville's oldest public housing complex are speaking out about their frustration over the ongoing gun violence happening in their community.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- People at Fayetteville's oldest public housing complex are speaking out about their frustration over the ongoing gun violence happening in their community. They're calling on the property's management and police to take more aggressive action to protect their homes.

Eshanna Malloy said frequent shootings at her apartment complex, the Cross Creek Pointe Apartments, have been already a major problem for about two years now. However, she said the latest incident of her car getting mysteriously shot at 15 times has taken her over the edge, and now fears the home she once loved.

"It was very peaceful. I thought I was bringing my child into a safe environment," Malloy said. "Now, (there's) shooting every other weekend. Every other day we have to duck and dodge. It don't matter if it's day or night. We're terrified. We have kids. Kids be playing in the park. How much longer do we have to ask y'all to do something?"

She said she doesn't know who or why someone would shoot at her car. Malloy and her neighbors also said loud gatherings at some of the units have been attracting outside people--often leading to altercations and gang activity.

Residents said some of the resulting shootings are targeted while others are not.

"Someone got shot at the park. The following month, someone got shot across from the park. There was someone laying dead in the street one morning," Miriam Ford said. "My building got shot up last August. My balcony got shot--they said they was gone move me. They didn't. My building got shot up two weekends ago. I live in a two-bedroom apartment. I've been sleeping on my living room floor on a mattress for the last month because I don't trust the windows."

People in the community said despite reporting the incidents to the management company, United Management II, their complaints usually go nowhere. They are calling on Fayetteville Police to do more to protect the area.

"I wish I'd never moved down here," Ford said. "This is not how I planned on doing my retirement."

"I'm afraid. I'm dealing with a child that has epilepsy seizures. I can't afford that. I'm afraid for my life over here," Malloy said.

United Management II responded by saying the safety of their residents and employees is of utmost importance to them, and that they remain committed to a high standard of security. Their statement says:

"At United Management II, the security and safety of our residents and employees is of utmost importance to us. Regarding the presence of criminal activity at Cross Creek Point, it is unfortunate that, like many other areas across the country, we have observed an increase in such incidents. However, we remain committed to maintaining a high standard of security.

As part of our comprehensive approach to ensuring the safety of everyone on the property, we have implemented several measures. One notable initiative is the engagement of off-duty law enforcement personnel who diligently patrol Cross Creek Point. In the previous year alone, we allocated over $100,000 specifically for this purpose, solely for the Cross Creek Point location. The officers typically work 4-6 hours shifts and they use a random schedule throughout the week and all year long. As of today, we have already invested more than $56,000 in off-duty law enforcement services at Cross Creek Point.

We pride ourselves on fostering strong relationships with local law enforcement agencies, namely the Fayetteville Police Department and the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office. Collaboratively, we work closely with both agencies to implement robust security measures and to ensure that every possible action is taken to enhance the safety of our properties. Additionally, we have made substantial financial investments in our camera system, dedicating significant resources to bolster surveillance capabilities.

These proactive measures demonstrate our unwavering commitment to providing a secure environment for our residents and employees. We continuously assess and adapt our security protocols to address evolving challenges. We firmly believe that by diligently implementing these measures and leveraging our partnerships with law enforcement, we are taking the necessary steps to create as safe an environment as possible at our properties."