Fayetteville city officials announce removal of fencing around controversial Market House

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- The city of Fayetteville is making plans to remove the fencing around the controversial Market House.

Removal of the fence will allow the public to access the exterior areas of the Market House, including the open terrace at street level, beginning April 15.

The city said that before the fence is removed, the area will be cleaned, and all required inspections will be completed ensuring physical and structural safety. The fence was originally put in place to allow for repair work to be conducted safely.

According to officials, during the past year, representatives from the United States Department of Justice and the Fayetteville-Cumberland Human Relations Commission have gone through an extensive process to collect diverse feedback and develop community-oriented recommendations for repurposing.

Fayetteville city leaders are working on possible plans for repurposing the structure.
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