26-year-old Fayetteville Tech student killed in shooting, college says she just recently finished her required courses

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Fayetteville police are investigating a shooting that took the life of a Fayetteville Tech student Wednesday morning.

Officers responded to a shooting call in the 4100 block of Dellwood Drive around 12:30 a.m. Investigators said 26-year-old Brittany Irwin, was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Irwin was identified as a student at Fayetteville Technical Community College.

T'Shan Torrey, Irwin's little brother, said he was at a friend's home when the shooting happened, getting a phone call from his mom about the incident.

Torrey said he rushed home and was running on pure adrenaline, "when I got there and just seeing my sister on the floor, and I tried, I tried to help her up. All of that just flushed out of my body, and I felt weak."

Most of the family was in the home when the bullets started to ring out, including Irwin's young son and daughter. Torrey says his youngest sister was the one that heard the commotion.

"Most of everybody was asleep in the house, so was she; except my youngest sister," Torrey said.

Officials said she had just finished completing her online virtual course session. She earned the remainder of the 300 hours she needed to meet state licensure requirements to be a nail technician. Torrey said that career path was supposed to be the next chapter in her life.

"She was so excited. That's what, like, she really wanted to do. That was the career she chose. That's what made her life do a whole turnaround, you know, for her kids," Torrey added.

No information on the suspect is currently available, but the family said Irwin knew the person that killed her.

Police are still investigating. Anyone with information should call Det. Johnson at (910) 224-3257 or Crimestoppers at (910)483-TIPS.

Dr. J. Larry Keen, the president of FTCC issued this statement Wednesday afternoon:

"This is terrible news. Our deepest sympathies go out to Brittany Irwin's family and loved ones, especially her children, and also to the faculty and classmates who shared time with her and enjoyed her company. Shortly before 9 last night, Brittany completed her online virtual course session with FTCC instructor Tonya Francis. In doing so, she earned the remainder of the 300 hours she needed to meet state licensure requirements to be a nail technician. Even as Brittany is mourned, we hope that she will also be celebrated for her life, her accomplishments and her commitment to achieving this educational goal, which would have launched her into a new career. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones."
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