Fayetteville officer facing charges that include not doing her job; Arrested by own department

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Thursday, November 30, 2023
Fayetteville officer under arrest, investigation, police chief says
Chief Kemberle Braden said one of the department's police officers faces several charges including obstruction of justice

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Fayetteville Police Chief Kemberle Braden called a hastily arranged news conference Wednesday night to discuss "an ongoing investigation into a police officer."

At the 11:30 p.m. briefing, Braden said there was an internal investigation into a police officer, whom he identified as 31-year-old Tamyra Billings-Giles.

Braden said Billings-Giles was arrested Wednesday night and charged with two counts of misdemeanor obstruction of justice, one count of misdemeanor possession of marijuana and one count of willfully failing to discharge duties.

An employee with the Fayetteville Police Department came forward on Nov. 26 with information regarding Billings being involved in criminal activity, the chief said. The information immediately led to a criminal investigation resulting in the arrest of Billings.

She was hired by the Fayetteville Police Department in October 2021, FPD said.

As is standard, Billings was placed on administrative leave with pay, pending the outcome of an internal investigation. The internal investigation is separate from the criminal investigation.

The arrest warrant said Billings-Giles allegedly told an individual with an outstanding arrest warrant sensitive information from the police department about his case.

As a result, that individual was able to avoid getting apprehended by Fayetteville police, making him a potential danger to the public.

The warrant also said Billings-Giles had half an ounce of marijuana.

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office said Thursday that Billings-Giles has posted bond and been released from the detention center.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is reviewing the case to see whether any additional federal charges will be filed against Billings.

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Full Briefing: Fayetteville Police Chief Kemberle Braden discusses the arrest of one of his police officers.

Braden said this investigation had no connection to an October case where an officer was charged in connection to "illegal narcotic activity."

On Oct. 10, Braden called a media briefing to announce that officer Izreal Gear-Johnson, 23, was facing numerous charges and had been placed on administrative leave with pay, pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

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