Following Starbucks incident, Comedian Gary Owen recognizes Raleigh coffee shop for act of kindness

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Following news of the arrest of two men in Starbucks last week, comedian Gary Owen said on social media that he was impressed with an act of kindness he saw at a Raleigh coffee shop.

Thursday morning he arrived in town but couldn't check in to his hotel yet. So he headed over to The Morning Times.

That's where an act of kindness caught his eye, and he felt he had to share the moment on social media.

"I saw something very minor but very cool," he said.

Owen explained that there was a "black guy in the restaurant coffee shop begging for money and this white dude -- a barista -- said you can't be begging in here."

But he didn't just make the apparently homeless man leave.

Owen said the barista asked, "But are you thirsty? Do you want something to drink? Let me get you some water."

"He treated him like a human being," Owen said.

The video on his Instagram page now has more than 50,000 views. Owen is performing at Goodnights & Factory Restaurant through Sunday.
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