'I want him to know I'm for him today': George Floyd's sister launches foundation in honor of brother

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Nearly six months after George Floyd's death his sister Bridgett is turning her pain into purpose by launching theGeorge Floyd Memorial Foundation.

On Saturday, Bridgett and a group of volunteers fed the homeless in downtown Fayetteville across from Festival Park. She said her brother was passionate about the homeless population.

"We are here for everyone today. They are welcome to eat a hot meal, drink a cold drink and get their tummies full," said Bridgett Floyd. " I felt like if he was here during this holiday season, this is what he'd be doing."

According to Floyd, her brother had a heart of gold and he worked closely with the homeless population at the Salvation Army in Minneapolis. The foundation provided more than 100 Thanksgiving to-go plates along with gift bags of toiletries to those who don't know when their next meal will come.

"I had the turkey with green beans and mashed potatoes. It was very good. I can't complain about that," said Michael Newman, who is homeless.

George Floyd's death back in May ignited a global social justice movement. Demonstrators took their message to the streets and protested against police brutality. Six months after his death, his legacy now lives on forever through the George Floyd Memorial Foundation.

"He would be very, very happy today man. I know he's happy today. He would always say I'm for you and I want him to know I'm for him today," said Floyd.
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