'Hollywood Stargirl' sees Grace VanderWaal staying grounded while reaching for the stars

"Hollywood Stargirl" features Grace VanderWaal as a young aspiring singer-songwriter. She relocates to L.A. with her equally creative mom, played by Judy Greer.

Stargirl meets and starts working with her two filmmaker neighbors, played by Elijah Richardson and Tyrel Jackson Williams.

All three start chasing their big dreams. There are plenty of ups and downs for the trio, but there's one thing they never let go of... hope.

"You know what? The world just needs more sweet happy things," said VanderWaal. "Ask yourself what you see as success because I feel like what's interesting with our characters is we all get a different outcome and piece of success out of the experience. And it really shows how big that word is because we all succeeded but like in very different ways."

"What i want people to take away is never lose sight of what's most important...that's always going to be the people you surround yourself that's what is most important, even if you're heading to a very big goal," said Williams.

"Be okay with failing...not being a failure, but be okay with failing," said Richardson. "Success is right down the road."

"Hollywood Stargirl" starts streaming on Disney+ on Friday.

Disney is the parent company of this ABC station.

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