Baby-monitor hack leads to kidnap scare for Texas couple staff KABC logo
Thursday, December 20, 2018
Baby-monitor hack leads to kidnap scare in Texas
A Texas couple got quite the scare when they heard a man's voice on the baby monitor in their child's room.

A Texas couple got a terrible scare when they heard a strange man's voice on one of their baby monitors, threatening to kidnap their newborn son.

The parents of four month-old Topper have a network of Nest cameras set up in their home.

One recent night something strange happened.

They heard the system beeping and then a man's voice saying sexual expletives apparently in the baby's room.

"So we throw on the light in our room. He turned that camera on and told us, said 'Turn off the light' and then said 'I'm going to kidnap your baby - I'm in your baby's room.'" Topper's mom said.

The couple raced to the room, found their child safe and no one else there.

That's when they realized someone had hacked into their Wi-Fi network.

They got rid of the Wi-Fi cameras and switched to an offline closed-circuit system.

Police are now looking for the hacker.