Small explosions, seismic activity continues from Hawaii's Kilauea

As lava continues to flow on Hawaii's Big Island, the U.S. Geological Survey detected two small explosions and seismic activity from the Kilauea volcano.

The USGS said two explosions, one at 12:46 AM HST and another 4:43 AM HST, occurred on June 11. The preliminary magnitude of the second event was 5.4.

Residents were warned about minor ash fall as a result of the explosions, but the USGS called the explosions "typical of past events."

To date, lava from Kilauea's eruption has destroyed more than 600 homes and covered more than 5,000 acres. Some areas have been covered up to 20 feet deep.

USGS scientists have been unable to determine when the eruptions will end.
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