Babies "R" Us offers free postpartum education classes

DURHAM (WTVD) -- Babies "R" Us teams up with a nonprofit group to offer free postpartum education and support classes.

Happy and stressful are two ways to describe life after you bring home a new baby.

"So often people aren't prepared for how difficult it will be," explained Caroline Pence.

Pence is the Director of the non-profit group Postpartum Education and Support. So, she knows firsthand the challenges families face when bringing home a new baby. That's why the organization has teamed up with Babies "R" Us to teach a new free postpartum education class in store.

"We'd like for couples to come," said Pence. "Moms who are expecting. We want to help them learn if they're at risk for postpartum depression or anxiety. But, also just to think about the practical aspects of bringing a baby home and the things that can make it easier."

The postpartum education and support class is the latest class to begin at Babies "R" Us. It is free and is one of many the retailer is offering around the country.

"They're rolling out classes that would be similar to what would be offered at hospitals or programs," explained Pence.

Research shows approximately 30 percent of women can experience postpartum mood disorder during and after pregnancy. Of that 30 percent, 1 out of 10 new moms meet criteria for a major depressive disorder.

Pence says knowing what to look for key, and it's one of the skills taught in the class.

"Helping people learn the difference between the baby blues which are very common and postpartum depression and anxiety which aren't as common but which are so treatable-we want to make sure they have all that information," said Pence.

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