Cancer patients enjoy Spa Day at Duke

DURHAM (WTVD) -- Patients at Duke Cancer Center, and their families, had an opportunity to be pampered today.

The sweet sound of the piano, cuddly dogs, and luxurious make up were all part of Spa Day at Duke Cancer Institute.

"It actually brings a lot of joy to you, for me in particular, because it's been such a long journey," Cecilia Williams, a cancer patient at Duke said.

Williams said she really enjoyed having a poem written, just for her, based on the word she chose: glory.

"I think that's what I have, is glory. The fact that I've survived for 13 years, stage four breast cancer," Williams said.

Anne Neeley, a breast cancer survivor, says it can be really comforting for patients to enjoy a place that often brings them sadness

"You come in here, one day you're getting chemo and the next day you're getting a massage," Neeley said.

Taking care of people beyond their physical problems is part of the treatment according to doctors at Duke.

"Not only taking care of people's body's and treating 'the cancer' but treating the whole patient and providing them with services that help them regain their life," said Dr. Patierno, Deputy Director at Duke Cancer Institute.

Something that Cecilia says often comes up when loved ones ask her questions.

"You hear the question 'when is your last day?' Well at stage four, you don't have a last day. You're treated until . . ." Williams said, pausing, and opening her eyes wide.

"And so a day like today takes the focus off of cancer it puts it back on you," she added.

All of the Spa Day sponsors are locally sourced, and all donated their time and money for the event.

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