'Above it All' series features Chopper11 touring North Carolina in 1984

NORTH CAROLINA (WTVD) -- Thirty-five years ago, Chopper11 took a tour of the entire state of North Carolina.

The five-part series titled "Above it All" aired on ABC11 in May of 1984. The series was part of the Don Ross Journal, created by reporter Don Ross. Chuch Conti was the helicopter pilot at the time, and Ted Silver edited the series.

"Above it All" won an Associated Press award for best feature in 1984.

To complete the series, Chopper11--not Chopper11 HD as our helicopter is now named, because ABC11 was not broadcasting in HD in 1984--flew for four consecutive days, covering about 2,600 miles and using up 1,000 gallons of fuel.

Chopper11 flew over 53 of the state's 100 counties, over all of its major cities, and most of the popular tourist sites.
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