Helping Hand Mission marching band shines during Raleigh Christmas Parade

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Helping Hand MissionMarching Band is a crowd favorite during the ABC11/ Raleigh Christmas Parade presented by Shop Local Raleigh, and it's no mystery why.

They are vibrant and energetic and their music echoes out with form, organization, and soul.

Sylvia Wiggins, with the Helping Hand Mission, wears a bright red jacket as the band leader.

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"We have been to over 26 parades this year, we're most excited for this parade," said Help Hand Mission band leader Sylvia Wiggins. "It's so much fun! Everybody is hanging out having a good time. Seeing the little babies, seeing the grownups."

Along with the band, a cowboy and "super hand" wear sports uniforms decked out in red and black sequins. Their job is to keep the crowd hyped.

"I am so ready!" Cowboy said. "Let's take it to the house!"

"If you come out, we're gonna show up ... off!" "super hand" promised.

The Helping Hand Mission does exactly as their name implies -- lend a helping hand in the summer heat or a heater in the winter's cold.

"Love other and be kind and just have a ball," Wiggins said.
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