Fayetteville restaurant loses $60K worth of equipment when food truck stolen: 'It was a big loss'

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Tuesday, January 16, 2024
Food truck, trailer taken from Fayetteville restaurant
Henley's Vintage Kitchen owner says he lost $60,000 worth of equipment in the theft.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A small, family-owned restaurant in Fayetteville is asking for help after their food truck and trailer were stolen on New Year's Day.

The owner of Henley's Vintage Kitchen, Michael Henley, says the setback almost prompted him to close the business.

Henley says this robbery suspect took off with about $60,000 worth of equipment when they took a trailer and food truck.

"It was a big loss because we had orders already in for this year that was coming up..." Henley said. He says further that he and Fayetteville police believe the person responsible might not be from the Murchison Road area, as the car caught on camera stealing the equipment is linked to a Spring Lake address. Investigators are still trying to find the person suspected in this crime.

People in the Murchison Road area say they're frustrated this happened to a restaurant that's been part of the area's revival.

Henley's Vintage Kitchen food truck, trailer stolen

"And we know how that can make the business seem,' said Kevin Brooks, the chairperson of the Murchison Road Business Watch. "The business will suffer from the crime that's happening that don't have anything to do with them. So we want the businesses to know that we recognize that and we won't let anybody if we have the opportunity, try to diminish the business opportunity because of the crime of the individual."

Data from the Fayetteville police shows that property crimes are the most common in the city, making up about 65 percent of all crimes since last July. However, Henley and Council Member D.J. Haire say this incident has been a surprise, ss they've rarely seen thefts as the city has been investing in improvements here.

Haire encourages business owners on Murchison to look out for one another.

"Come together monthly. Talk to each other. See what's going on."

Anyone with info on the case is encouraged to contact Fayetteville police.