'He's part of the team:' High school student with cerebral palsy lands first job ever with Carolina Mudcats

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Saturday, June 29, 2019
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'He's part of the team:' High school student with cerebral palsy lands first job ever with Carolina Mudcats

ZEBULON, N.C. (WTVD) -- As with most high school students, Micah Capps' parents told him he needed to get a job this summer.

To his delight, Capps, who has cerebral palsy, landed a job with the Carolina Mudcats--his first job ever.

"I've been to games and knew that there was an opportunity," Capps said. "It's a good first opportunity for me."

Micah wasn't going to let his condition keep him from doing what he loves. As a baseball player himself, he had his eye on the Mudcats.

"I play for the miracle league," he said. "I have since 2007."

Benjy Capps, Micah's father, weighed in on how Micah got the gig.

"I knew that they (the Mudcats) were having a job fair," Benjy said. "I said, 'Micah needs a job this summer. Is there something there that he could do?'"

Without hesitation, the Mudcats welcomed Micah into the dugout as the team's bat boy.

"Joe Kremer came to me--it was my first day here and he mentioned it," said Mudcats manager, Joe Ayrault. "It was my first day here and I said 'heck yeah, it would be a great idea.'"

"After his first game they gave him a signed baseball and the lineup card," Benjy Capps said. "Micah's first win as bat boy--all autographs--so it's very unique and special for an organization to do that."

The team even made accommodations for Micah, who is left-side dominant. He uses an umpire ball bag on his left hip so he can carry more balls at once.

"I have to load up with balls and how many balls the umpire says is how many I take out to him," Micah said. "It makes me feel like I'm part of the team."

"You could tell he loves the game of baseball," said Ayrault. "We love having him around. He's a positive vibe in our dugout. All the guys love Micah and the job he does."

Not only does Micah bring positive energy to the Mudcats, he also brings good luck.

"We got a winning record with him--we want to keep him in the dugout with us," Ayrault said. "It makes these guys want to have fun. A guy like Micah, how he goes about his business, he's always smiling doing a good job hustling like you said--the guys love to have him in the dugout. He's part of the team."

Benjy Capps says seeing Micah with the team is truly an amazing experience.

"As a father to see him do a job like this...it's awesome," Benjy said. "To be a part of a baseball team and an organization and to have the support he has from the players, the coaches and the organization...it does the heart good."