Filipino-American Performing Artists of NC spread holiday caroling cheer

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A holiday tradition is back after pausing in 2020 during the pandemic for the nonprofit Triangle-based Filipino-American Performing Artists of North Carolina (FAPANC). The group promotes Filipino culture through dance, singing, and performing arts. During the holiday season, FAPANC performs special caroling events that also serve as a major fundraiser for the nonprofit.

"Christmas time is a very special time for us because it's a time when we do our caroling, which is a tradition actually in the Philippines where little kids would go house to house," said Maria Lee Tucker, a member of the FAPANC. "We use the money for workshops, we do summer workshops, teaching Tagalog lessons. We do the tinikling, which is considered a national dance of the Philippines. We do lessons on that. And, then we also have, of course, sometimes singing lessons. as well.

It's our main source of revenue to help us with funding activities," she added.

Families, schools, organizations, and churches book the FAPANC for caroling performances.

"If they have international festivals that their churches or schools hold, they can just get in touch with us through Facebook," Tucker added. "We also have our website powered by that they can go into and we have applications there for performances if they want to request a performance we do of course accept donations."

The group performs songs in both English and Tagalog.

"During this time, I think it's very special for a lot of families," Tucker said. "Especially the ones who are away from home. You know, like us Filipinos who have been gone from the Philippines for a long time. It brings back memories."
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