'I'm blessed': Easter, Ramadan and Passover observances bring crowds to houses of worship

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Sunday, April 9, 2023
Many observe Easter, Ramadan and Passover at houses of worship
It's a busy time of the year, not just for Christians but for other religions as well.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The massive parking lot of the Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral was completely full on Sunday morning, as thousands of the faithful gathered for Easter mass.

Young Patrick Katsarubas described it this way: "There were a lot of people, there were flowers everywhere. It was a nice Mass."

There were so many people that it took some time for the pastor, Monsignor David Brockman, to greet and bless people as they left the cathedral.

"We're blessed with that," he said. "Not only in numbers, but in people's fervor for the faith and wanting that great message of hope that we celebrate on this and every Easter."

"Absolutely. It's a blessing. It's great to see everybody come out, and see everybody come together," said Coy Henderson III, one of the ushers who helped people navigate the vast sanctuary.

The extreme togetherness was the reason his son, Coy Henderson IV, had to step outside briefly for some fresh air.

"It was really hot in there," said Henderson IV, also an usher at the cathedral. "I think the incense was getting to me and I just felt lightheaded. I had to come outside for a minute. But thankfully the community was there for me. There was a doctor who talked to me, It was really nice, really thoughtful of them. I'm blessed."

It's a busy time of the year, not just for Christians but for other religions as well. Ramadan and Passover are also observed during this season.

"They're all right at the same time. So we can be in great unity, in that way," said Brockman. "So it's a great feeling of unity in that, and also the things that we can do together as people of faith."

That worldwide community is huge, with pious men, women and children inside houses of worship now. Many would agree with the young usher's focus as he sat outside with his dad on a sunny Easter Sunday.

"How am I gonna help serve all these people? I'm always looking to help people, and I'm really happy that everyone showed up today," Henderson IV said.