Rash of home break-ins in Wake, Johnston counties may be connected

Friday, January 31, 2020
Home break-ins in Wake, Johnston Counties may be connected
Home break-ins in Wake, Johnston Counties may be connected

Authorities in Wake and Johnston Counties are investigating a series of home break-ins they said they believe are connected.

The break-ins were committed between Jan. 3 and Jan. 22, mostly in subdivisions on either side of Cornwallis Road. In Johnston County, they seem to be concentrated in the Cleveland and Willow Spring areas.

Authorities are looking for a silver Nissan Altima with the tags: PLR-8351.

Witnesses report seeing two men wearing scarves and gloves who kick in doors to get into homes.

They've taken guns, electronics, cash, jewelry, expensive pocketbooks and belts, according to the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

Two break-ins were reported in Wake County and 13 in Johnston County.

Martin Sanderson said thieves broke into his house about three weeks ago.

"The garage door was cracked; the back door was busted open; there was glass everywhere," Sanderson said. "The whole house was tore up to pieces upside-down. They took all my son's Christmas. They took a bunch of personal items out of my bedroom, all the computers in the house."

Ronni Whitman lives in Johnston County.

"I think it's very concerning," Whitman said. "I've seen the posts on Nextdoor from people who have been broken into and have been very concerned about it."

A spokesman for the Wake County Sheriff's Office said the men stalk the homes, have one person check out the front and another the back, then they kick in a door, steal items and take off.

In one case, they broke into a home while a man's adult son was inside, the homeowner told ABC11. The son scared them off.

If you have information, contact the Wake County or Johnston County Sheriff's Office.