City of Raleigh says AT&T contractors were in the wrong

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Residents are upset their yards were dug up.

Wooden stakes sit in front of John Palmiter's home in the Fieldstream Farm neighborhood, left behind from a city of Raleigh investigation.

The letters "R" and "W" are written on the stakes, standing for "right of way." But the stakes prove AT&T contractors digging six large holes in his front lawn were actually in the wrong.

"This side of the sidewalk is basically my property," Palmiter said.

In a statement, Raleigh's Right-of-Way Services Coordinator Noah Otto said:

"Now that the survey is complete, we have determined that the work was done outside the city right-of-way. I have spoken with the responsible parties involved and asked how they plan to resolve the issue. They're currently discussing how to proceed."

ABC11 found out crews are digging similar holes in Palmiter's neighbors' yards. AT&T said it's upgrading facilities to provide faster internet speeds. But for some residents, that's coming at a high cost.

Several residents said they've already contacted the city.

Fieldstream Farm resident Jill Cartwright said she plans to ask for reparations for damages because it will cost at least $500 to fix the damages to her yard.

"I just bought my home less than a year ago and saved up and invested what money I had in taking down trees and renovating my lawn and now all of that landscaping less than a month after it's been completed is now been torn up," Cartwright said.

AT&T sent ABC11 a statement saying: "AT&T is investigating this matter and will seek to resolve any requisite issues in a timely manner."

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