Fast-paced housing market leaving some Triangle families in a housing gap

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Fast-paced housing market leaving Triangle families in a housing gap
With houses selling quickly, many families are being left without a place to stay while they wait to move into their new home.

The housing market is hot.

"It was a whirlwind. It felt really surreal," said Carisa Dodson.

Dodson says she and her family had no intention of selling their home but the perfect house became available. So they listed.

"We had eight total offers I think that day just from noon to 6 p.m.," Dodson said.

Their home sold but the only problem was their new home is a fixer upper and, in the meantime, they would have to live with her parents and store all of their belongings.

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"We celebrated that night and then the next day it was like, 'oh okay so now we have to move,'" Dodson said.

"We have been really busy and it's been really good," said Billy Hardin of UNITS Moving and Portable Storage.

Hardin says there are many families like the Dodsons in the Triangle and they're working hard to keep up with the demand

"We have people that end up moving part of their belongings in our warehouse, they're living in a hotel, they're living with's just all kinds of things going on," Hardin said.

But for most families like the Dodsons, having your dream home in the end makes it worth it.

"It still feels surreal and I think it will until we're moved in," Dodson said.

Like many things, UNITS says they're having a hard time getting more storage units because of the supply chain but so far they haven't had to turn anyone away. They recommend you reserve a unit from a storage company as soon as possible if you know you're going to need one.