Iowa woman who shot husband in the head while he slept says he asked her to do it

NEW SHARON, IA (WTVD) -- An Iowa woman who shot her husband in the head while he slept told police her husband asked her to do it, according to court documents.

Carol Ann Davis, 69, called emergency dispatchers Wednesday to tell them that she had shot and killed her husband Sunday morning.

Deputies responded to the home and found Davis' husband lying lifeless in the couple's bed.

According to court documents, Davis told investigators that her husband had been upset about work. She said he told her to shoot him in the head after he went to sleep.

Davis has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

"As part of the investigation we did look into the history, the call history there at that residence, and there is multiple calls there but no domestic violence that I'm aware of," Sheriff Russell Van Renterghem said.
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