Losing leg to cancer doesn't slow down marathon running Cary mom

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Jackie Hunt-Broersma is quite used to picking herself up.

She wasn't given a choice 18 years ago when cancer forced the removal of her left leg.

Jackie was quick to her new feet. She was back to work four weeks after her operation, and she could be found playing squash not long after that.

Three years ago she fell in love with running, first trying a half marathon and quickly moving to the trails.

There have been plenty of falls and bloody knees, but Jackie keeps going.

Now, she has moved onto ultra marathons--which are races longer than 26.2 miles

Next month Jackie will tackle 60 miles over three days in the mountains of Colorado.

Running has given this wife and mother of two an ultra amount of self confidence.

Amazingly, It's a sport she may not have even tried when she had two healthy legs.
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