Store owner donates jewelry to foster children

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WTVD) -- Before his store closes its doors, one jeweler hoped to spread a little Christmas cheer.

When Dominic Maratta learned that two teens in foster care requested jewelry for Christmas, he offered a few pieces from his store's going out of business sale.

"Give without expecting something back. Everybody will have a good Christmas if it depends on me this year," Maratta said.

The organization Friends of Foster Kids helped fill wish lists for less fortunate children.

"We ask for three wishes and any special needs, interests,hobbies, their favorite things, and you build them a Christmas," Theresa Toya, a representative for the organization, said.

The organization said they've collected gifts from blankets to bikes for years, but this year, one teen asked for a necklace and another asked for a ring. When donors didn't send in the items, Toya said, she contacted Maratta.

"I knew that these would be a gift that they would remember forever because jewelry lasts forever," Maratta said.

Maratta also picked out 50 bracelets to give to other foster teens as well.

"If you can touch the heart of a child, you can change the direction of a life, Toya said. "That's why we try to make a difference right here, right now, this year, and make it their best Christmas ever."
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