Goldsboro teacher gifts special needs student his pair of Jordans

GOLDSBORO (WTVD) -- A 12th grader is definitely walking the corridors at Goldsboro High School with an extra pep in his step.

Justin Barnes, a special needs student, was just gifted his first pair of Jordans by one of his beloved teachers.

"I feel blessed," said the 17-year-old while giving a double thumbs up.

Barnes showed off his black and red kicks and explained, "These shoes I wanted."

Math teacher Kyree Bethel gave him the pair and said no one is more deserving.

"Justin's a great guy," Bethel said. "He comes in here every morning, he's laughing and joking. He always has a smile on his face despite anything that's going on throughout the day," said Bethel.

Even the man, Michael Jordan, is showing some love. The superstar tweeting out to Goldsboro High School saying that Justin is "geared up for greatness."

This particular pair of Jordans was plucked from Bethel's private collection. He has more than 100 pairs.

They were the teacher's favorite, but he knows they'll mean more to Justin; they both just happen to wear the same size.

"Just to see how happy (he is) is unreal; it's priceless," Bethel said. "That's my job, that's why I wake up every morning, to come in here and make a difference in these kids lives."

Justin said the shoes are now his favorite and he plans on wearing them every day to school.

Bethel posted about the selfless gesture to his Facebook page and is receiving a lot of love and support.

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