Do you struggle with your child's math homework?

Monday, October 16, 2017

RALEIGH -- I knew that we would get here eventually, but I had no idea that I would be struggling with my child's math homework in the first grade. In my defense, I simply wasn't prepared for the accelerated rate at which kids are learning these days. When I was in the first grade, we didn't have homework, and we definitely weren't working on geometric shapes. I think we were still learning to color inside the lines. And when we did finally get to geometry when I was in the 9th grade, I didn't do very well.

Spoiler: This is why so many people major in journalism: virtually no math requirements.

These are the resources I'm keeping in my back pocket for when things get REALLY hard. I've heard that second-grade math is a beast!


The staff at Mathnasium works with students from 2nd grade through high school. They will assess your child first, to determine where he or she is with their math skills. The staff will help your child with both homework and classwork in an individualized environment. This is great for kids who need enrichment and for those who seek extra help. And unlike some tutoring centers, Mathnasium does not send additional work home.

(Location pricing varies. The Raleigh location we contacted charges a fee for the assessment and $285 per month for eight to ten 60 minute sessions.)

Kumon Math and Reading Center

Kumon caters to grades Pre-K through high school. When the students are younger, the instruction is individualized. As they get older, the work is done in more of a traditional classroom setting. One thing to note is that Kumon doesn't tackle your child's homework from school. Instead, students are given Kumon-specific assignments to take home and work on daily. Also, Kumon staff doesn't consider their services to be tutoring, but more of a foundation builder for the student.

In addition to math, Kumon offers services for reading.

(Location pricing varies. The Raleigh location we contacted charges $120 per month, per subject, per student.)

Online Tutoring

A great thing about online tutoring is that it's available virtually any time of day. And it's perfect for the family that simply can't fit in another activity that involves driving somewhere. And because the instruction is virtual, the tutor can send documents to your child electronically, or they can work on problems interactively. Some parents say that this approach lacks the personal appeal that comes with in-person tutoring, but the convenience factor can't be beaten. Your student can log on whenever they need help, select a tutor and get started. offers packages that range from $15 to $115 per month.

Last resort

I will never let my child know about this, but I found a website that will actually solve your math problems AND show you how to arrive at the answer. This most likely falls into the cheating category for a student, but it's heaven for a math-challenged parent! Check out And it's FREE!