No gym? No problem: Former UNC linebacker Kevin Reddick brings the gym to you

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Saturday, July 18, 2020
Former UNC linebacker brings the workout to you with his mobile gym
Former All-ACC UNC linebacker Kevin Reddick brings the workout to you with his mobile gym

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- Former Tar Heel and NFL linebacker Kevin Reddick is back home in North Carolina after a spell in Virginia. His ultimate goal is to own and operate his own gym. That's not feasible, of course, right now during this COVID-19 time, so instead, he has gone mobile.

"How can I continue to help people reach their goals and still stay safe?" was the thought process.

Reddick still very much looks the part of an All-ACC and NFL linebacker. He's got that baked-in knowledge of weight training as well as a sports science degree to back it up.

"We all come up with different ways to lose weight or drop fat and it's a bunch of different things out there and everybody's trying to make their style different," he said.

In place of the gym, for now, is a mini utility van that Reddick fitted for his business.

"I can't open the gym, so I'll bring it to you," he said.

It has everything he needs to craft custom workouts for any kind of clientele, from 18 years old to 80. He's even got postpartum routines for new mothers.

"Like I tell my 60-year-old clients, I'm not going to train you like I train my 18-year-old clients," Reddick said. "I'm going to train you in a way that works for you."

Everything from battle ropes to a squat rack to a book bag filled with what he calls his "torture toys" gets packed away for his daily appointments.

"Right now, is when they're happy to see me. Then I'm sure, kind of like my previous clients, it was like, we had a love-and-hate relationship," Reddick said. "They was happy to see me and by the end of the workout, they was ready for me to leave, so that's just what it is."

The work is the work. What Reddick can guarantee is that if you put in the effort, you'll see results.

"I want to get people to understand that we can push them to another level, probably a level you haven't felt in a while," he said.