KFC vegan fried chicken coming to Atlanta

ATLANTA -- Vegan fried chicken, anyone? Kentucky Fried Chicken is testing a meatless option -- saying it tastes like chicken, looks like chicken but there is no chicken.

KFC is calling it, "Beyond Fried Chicken, a Kentucky Fried Miracle."

The plant-based chicken is in partnership with Beyond Meat.

"It's confusing, but it's also delicious," KFC tweeted.

You can get nuggets or boneless wings.

"The new plant-based Beyond Fried Chicken offers the finger lickin' good fried chicken flavor only KFC can deliver as a perfect choice for those searching for plant-based meat options on-the-go," KFC said in a statement.

The vegan chicken meal is not available everywhere, yet.

KFC says it will be testing the recipe in Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesday.

Would you try it?

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