Larry Stogner celebrates one busy year of retirement

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Saturday, January 23, 2016
Larry Stogner

It's been one year since beloved ABC11 anchor Larry Stogner retired.

Larry has been a fixture in the Triangle for several decades, and he retired after 39 years at ABC11. When announcing his retirement, Larry also shared with his viewers and colleagues that he was battling ALS.

Since Larry's announcement that he's living with ALS, he's been on a public crusade to fight the disease.

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Although Larry is retired, he has been busy. In the last year, he has....

Dined with Gov. Pat McCrory

Larry Stogner and wife Bobbi were invited to the mansion for dinner with Governor Pat McCrory.

Been honored at an ALS event in Raleigh

Cleaned up a Durham nature trail

ABC11 anchor Larry Stogner was at Sandy Creek Park in Durham to help keep the park clean

And had that trail named after him!

A local group is renaming a walking trail for Larry Stogner

Larry received a lifetime achievement award in Sanford, cut the ribbon at the ALS Walk in Raleigh, received a special honor from Durham Mayor Bill Bell, and much more.

Larry even takes time to update his cherished viewers on his battle with ALS.

Here at ABC11, we can't believe it's been a whole year since Larry retired. We wish you all the best, Larry. Stop by and see us, sometime!

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