Triangle residents show support for law enforcement

Saturday, July 9, 2016
Local citizens show law enforcement their appreciation in the wake of the Dallas shootings that killed five police officers.

NORTH CAROLINA (WTVD) -- People across the ABC11 viewing area have stepped up in a display of support for local law enforcement agencies after the deadly shootings that killed five police officers in Dallas and wounded several others.

From messages of support on social media, emails of encouragement and food dropped off at police stations, people have come forward to show officers their appreciation.

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Mimi Chan, an Apex/Cary area mom, took pizzas to the Apex Police Department, her 5-year-old son made officers a homemade thank-you card, and Chan gave away leggings from her business for female officers.

"Late night the last thing I did was just read up on all of the crazy things that have been happening in the past few days," Chan said. "And when I woke up in the morning, I think the first thing that just came to my mind was the Apex Police Department just because they helped my son out when he was 4-years-old for Halloween."

Chan said her son uses a wheelchair to get around and that the department went above and beyond to help him.

"My son wanted to be a police officer for Halloween ... and the Apex Police Department just completely jumped on board, they built him this amazing Halloween costume for his wheelchair. It had blinking lights, it was so awesome," she said.

"And it was really cool to see the police department reach out to the community like that, and I know that they're very involved in the community, so I just thought about them today.

The Apex Police Department made this Halloween costume for Mimi Chan's son who uses a wheelchair to get around.
Mimi Chan

"I think they work so hard. It's just not an easy job; it's dangerous a lot of times and when something negative like that happens in the world, you always want to focus on the positive and share love," Chan added.

Chan said she's surprised at how emotional she was over the Dallas shooting, especially because she doesn't have any relatives who are in law enforcement and doesn't know any officers personally, but she said she feels touched by the event nonetheless.

"It's just a really scary time for our kids to grow up in," Chan said. "And I feel really bad for all the families involved and all the victims, so our thoughts are with them, but it's a really scary and uneasy time for everybody."

Chan and her family were not the only one's showing the Apex Police Department and other local law enforcement offices support.

Check out what others are doing below.

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