Cary group that employs people with disabilities hopes to stay afloat as COVID-19 impacts business

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Angie Grenz holds a platter full of brownies and cookies. These baked goods have a special meaning to her and so many others.

"She has a chance for her future. She's not going to be stuck in some facility," said Deanna L'Homme, Angie's sister.

Angie has worked at Life Experiences in Cary for about 14 years along with 50 other adults with developmental disabilities.

"They come here with a sense of purpose, a reason to get out of bed. And they feel like they're contributing to the community and on top of that they're getting a paycheck," said Kenny Bollinger, Life Experiences board member.

Angie is employed at the bakery. Local businesses also contract these employees to wash and fold laundry and wrap silverware. But since March, they've been forced to shut down because of the pandemic, leaving the laundry unfolded and a bakery down to the bare minimum.

"It's becoming-as COVID goes on longer and longer-tougher on us in every aspect of the business and how you run a business," Bollinger said.

Life Experiences is struggling to stay afloat. Now people like Angie are hoping to get help from the community and get back to business as usual.

"Make a donation. It doesn't matter how small it will help in the long run. It'll all add up. It'll help. Because it needs to stay open. They need this place," L'Homme said.

For every donation $25 or more, Life Experiences will bake brownies and deliver them to essential workers in the Triangle. If you'd like to help, visit
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