Karaoke queen: Girl with rare disorder raises awareness with viral videos

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016
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A 7-year-old with a rare disorder has reached the heights of internet fame with her karaoke videos

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A 7-year-old girl with a rare disease is a viral celebrity thanks to her karaoke skills and upbeat attitude.

Audrey Nethery has more than a million followers on Facebook.

She says she was inspired by Taylor Swift. Audrey told local station WAVE, "(Swift) has all the passion and spirit and I just thought I would start singing to maybe put a little passion and spirit in me so I could try and fight off my disease."

She says it's working. She's even gotten to meet Taylor Swift.

Her disease is Diamond Blackfan anemia.

Audrey explained, "(My body) doesn't make as much blood cells as most people do. And it makes me a little bit short, but that doesn't stop me from moving and acting."

Thanks to her viral performances, she's performed on stage at the International Zumba Convention.

Bob Marley's son has shared her video and Rachael Ray has asked her onto her show - twice.

Audrey's parents started the Facebook page Audrey's DBA Photo Booth as a way to raise awareness for the disease.

It's done so much more than that.

Audrey's mom Julie Haise said, "People are really, you know, they're very concerned about her, and they're very inspired, knowing what she goes through and then they see her happy and smiling. And it gives them that same passion and inspiration."

They also share some of the more difficult moments, such as blood transfusions.

Audrey's father, Scott Nethery, said, "We also want to remind people that she's battling this illness."

As for Audrey, she's keeping a mature attitude about it all. She said, "You just have to take a breath and say, 'I can do this,' and then you go out there and then you just do it."

Audrey generally sings on her home karaoke machine, which was donated by karaoke systems company The Singing Machine.

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