Man banned from Houston gun range for pointing pistol at friend

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A man attempting to take a selfie while at a gun range has been banned after he pointed the firearm directly at his friend's head.

The gun wasn't loaded, but in gun safety that's not the point.

Kyle Harrison, the manager at Top Gun Range in Houston, said two people have been banned for life after a selfie turned into a potentially lethal situation when one man pointed the gun at the other.

Harrison said he was alarmed when the man positioned the pistol right at his friend's head.

That's when the safety officer stepped in.

"Didn't keep it pointed downrange, and then on top of it, he pointed it at his friend. And that's just a cardinal safety violation, you just can't do that," Harrison said. "My little ones at home know better than to do that, and they are two and three years old. It was sad to see, so he had to go."
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