VIDEO: Lego vending machine dispenses McNuggets

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Monday, December 14, 2015
Chicken McNuggets
This stock photo shows three Chicken McNuggets sold at McDonald's

A YouTube video posted by AstonishingStudios recently shows McDonald's McNuggets dispensed from a vending machine built entirely out of Legos.

AstonishingStudios posted a video showcasing the machine and its various functions in their YouTube channel.

According to a report by UPI, the machine is coin operated and can store several packages of McDonald's chicken nuggets and sauce packages.

"I was thinking of the next LEGO machine when I realized you can never fail with McDonald's," the unnamed creator wrote on YouTube. "The McNugget is the greatest invention since the LEGO brick itself, so I hope you're lovin' it."

The machine accepts only specific kinds of coins read by a light sensor, but with the proper coin inserted, the Lego machine will dispense a box of McNuggets and a packet of sauce.

Watch the machine in action below:

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