Mom scolds hospital for comment made to 4-year-old daughter

A picture of an Ohio pre-schooler, sad faced and covered in bruises is going viral.

But it's not just because a little boy in 4-year-old Joni's class hit her a play metal tea pot.

When the little girl arrived at the local children's hospital with her mom, Merritt Smith, the man at the registration desk told the tot: "I bet he likes you."

Smith says that one sentence literally added insult to injury.

So she penned an open letter to the hospital, letting them know that the whole "hurting is flirting" excuse is what sets the tone for what is acceptable behavior.

She writes: "No. I will not allow that message to be ok. I will not allow it to be louder than 'That's not how we show we like each other.'"

She reminds the desk clerk that whether they know it or not, they are in a position of influence.

And while it may have seemed like a harmless way to lighten the mood, she writes: "Do Not tell my 4-year-old who needs stitches from a boy at school hitting her 'I bet he likes you. NO."

So far, Merritt's post has been shared close to 35,000 times.
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