Triangle Jewish community reacts to Iran drone strikes on Israel

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Sunday, April 14, 2024
Triangle Jewish community reacts to Iran drone strikes on Israel
"This has been my fear from the very beginning."

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- For many in the Triangle's Jewish community, the news of the drone strikes was even more terrifying given that this happened on their Sabbath when many were unplugged from their phones, and when they got back online, they were inundated with text messages and news - for many, reliving how they felt on October 7, only now the situation is even more uncertain.

"This has been my fear from the very beginning," said Rabbi Lucy Dinner from Temple Beth Or Synagogue. "I was afraid that this would happen and now we've come to that day.

Rabbi Dinner already had fears for her community's safety and the security of Israel on high alert after the Hamas terrorist attack, now Israel is facing retaliation from Iran launching direct attacks.

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"Iran is the one who trains Hamas and Hezbollah and the terrorist organizations that have been fueling hate against and terror against Israel for decades," she said.

After learning of the drone strikes, she's been trying to get in touch with those in harm's way. Dinner says her congregation has students in Israel and many with ties to the country and relatives living there.

"So we've been in constant touch...Our family has with some very close friends who are there now," she said.

Dinner also worries about what this will mean for potential war in the region and for the future of both Israelis and Palestinians.

"Ultimately, our congregation as a whole hopes for a two-state solution, and it feels like we're further and further from that place," she said.

For now, all she can do from across the world is lean on her faith amid fear of the unknown.

"Not only our prayers at this time that are needed but support for cooler heads that will not escalate in the Middle East and not escalate in our own country that we will foster relationships and bring strength in community," Dinner said.