Artist brings misspelled movies to absurd life in 31 hilarious illustrations

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ever see somebody misspell a movie title, which suddenly changed the context of the movie completely? One man has set out to make all those accidental genius movie plots a reality, by illustrating a scene from each one. Take a look in the above gallery.

Drawing a new fake movie doodle every day for a month, writer and illustrator Austin Light was inspired by a Reddit thread that asked users to pick a movie, remove one letter, and give a brief description.

After Light brought many of these ridiculous plots to life in a true Hollywood satire, and writing a one-liner for each, he shared them with the Reddit community to enormous success.

Due to their immediate popularity and requests for full-size prints, Light is quickly redrawing many of these illustrations digitally, to be sold as prints, shirts, and hoodies available at his online store. Only a few are available right now, but check back for more!

The new re-drawings can be found at

Images used with permission.

Which misspelled movie title should Light illustrate next? Let us know in the comments below.