Mold found at Wake County school

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Monday, October 5, 2015

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A Wake County middle school is removing a modular unit from its campus after mold was discovered inside. The mold was discovered inside a modular unit that houses four different classrooms.

School district spokesperson Lisa Luten said shortly after the mold was identified, the classrooms were relocated. The modular unit is leased through a third-party vendor which has repaired the unit in the past. However now that mold was found, they will be removing the unit completely.

On Monday, a moving company was seen taking filing cabinets and other items out of the unit.

The school's principal sent the following phone message to parents:

Hi. This is Pamela Johnson principal of Carnage Magnet Middle School.

I want to make you aware of decisions being made about classroom space.

WCPSS has leased a four-classroom modular building that our school has used until recently for foreign language classes and social studies electives. In preparation for this school year, the company from which we lease the classroom building made repairs to address a moisture problem related to a water fountain.

While damages were repaired, staff continued to notice an odor. Our teachers brought concerns about mold to my attention and I asked WCPSS Facilities to look at it again.

On September 28, WCPSS Facilities staff confirmed there was mold in the modular building. At my request, WCPSS Facilities staff briefed school staff that day about what they found. We immediately removed staff and students from that modular. Since that time, we have found space for these classes in our main building.

In reviewing space needs with WCPSS Facilities, we agreed students could be served in current facilities without the four-classroom modular. Therefore, WCPSS Facilities has decided to remove the modular building, instead of preceding with repairs.

We appreciate the help of WCPSS Facilities and WCPSS Environment and Grounds in addressing this concern and providing our students and staff safe and healthy learning space.

Thanks for your continued support of our school.

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