Raise a glass: Still time to toast National Beer Day

Friday, April 8, 2016
National Beer Day 2016
National Beer Day 2016
Stephanie Lopez

DURHAM (WTVD) -- April 7 is National Beer Day - it's not a federal holiday, but it is the 83rd anniversary of the first beer and wine sales after 13 years of prohibition in the United States.

The Cullen-Harrison Act pushed back against prohibition, allowing the sale of beer and wine with low-alcohol content. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the law March 22, 1933. It went into effect April 7, 1933. Read more about it here.

You may not even believe it, but there are two official White House beers - a honey ale and honey porter. Check out the recipe for those here.

North Carolina is home to more than a hundred local breweries. Find one near you here, or check out the search bar below.

You can also check out top-rated state beers on Beer Advocate, a user-review website and smartphone app for rating different kinds of beers. Browse their list here.

Local brewer explains how to appreciate beers.

Keil Jansen, local brewmaster at Ponysaurous Brewery in Durham explains what factors you should note when comparing different beers.

Keil Jansen, local brewmaster at Ponysaurous Brewery in Durham.

The holiday is also the cause of a lot of laughs online.

People are tweeting all kinds of things using the hashtag "#NationalBeerDay."

What are your favorite kinds of brews?

We want to know! Take the survey below.

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