Duke nurses celebrate National Nurse Day ahead of National Nurses week

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Today is National Nurses Day, a day honoring the members of the healthcare workforce for their tireless and hard work.

It marks the beginning of National Nurses week, where many hospitals, including Duke University Hospital, spend the week holding events to show support to nurses and other healthcare workers around the world.

National Nurses Week ends on Florence Nightingale's Birthday, a nurse who helped improve healthcare conditions and practices during the Crimean War in the 1800s. Her work went on to inspire reform for healthcare services around the world.

The American Nurses Association has been promoting nursing since 1896, and in 1982, the recognition day was made official by President Ronald Reagan.

"Caring for patients has always been a passion of mine, so it comes naturally. I like to help people get through their worst days," Duke registered nurse Aquiles Romero said.
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