ABC11 viewer helps unemployed mother of 2 with $500 gift, asks her to pay it forward

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- When Clancy Bropleh began to have trouble with her unemployment application, her mother suggested she reach out to ABC11. Bropleh said she had exhausted all her options and needed immediate help.

"I've completely run out of money," Bropleh said last week. "I had the stimulus check for $2,000. It's going to have to pay my bills."

And if her unemployment struggles weren't enough, the mother of two is also caring for her youngest son, who is recovering from a recent brain surgery.

"Things can get hard, but they will get better eventually," Bropleh said.

Her story touched the heart of ABC11 viewer, Mia Jones, who asked to be put in contact with Bropleh. Jones just received her stimulus check and wanted to do something nice for someone. She said she was originally going to put a request out on Facebook among her friends but decided against it. Then she saw Bropleh's story.

"Immediately, it touched my heart," Jones said. "That's the person I want you to bless."

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Jones' daughter once had open heart surgery. "I know how it feels when you have a child that's not well," Jones said, speaking of Bropleh's youngest son.

The only thing Jones asked for in return is for Bropleh to pay it forward when things get stable.
"If I get back on my feet, I'll definitely help somebody in need," said Bropleh. "Usually I do. I don't have a lot of money when I'm working, but I try to help people. This time is like a challenge to me."

The $500 gift from Jones comes at a perfect time for Bropleh's family and her faith.

"It was strange because I didn't know there were good people around who could do that for somebody. Like you don't even know. That was really good! It's just made me feel secure that there are a lot of people out there that still care," said Bropleh.

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She said her mother prayed that the family would get some much needed help.

"We're just praying that things get better," Bropleh added. "There's hope! There's hope! And trust! If you trust in God, everything will be good for you eventually. It might not happen when you want it. But it will happen. So that was really awesome! We just have to have hope!"

Laughing, Bropleh said the first thing she plans to get with her gift is groceries for her family.
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