Wake County school leaders map safe return to classrooms at summer's end

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- The familiar yellow school buses were one focus of Wake County Public School System discussions Monday.

School leaders know parents worry about student safety as the nation copes with concerns over the novel coronavirus. Meeting virtually, the school board detailed plans to make students and parents feel safe and supported.

"How many students will be in a classroom, how many students will be on buses, health screening, cleaning of buildings," said board chairman Keith Sutton. "All those are things we're considering, thinking about."

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Jonathan Blumberg, the school board's attorney, told members, "The state's put out three main plans, A, B and C. That's based on allowable use of the facilities including buses. And under A it can go up to 100 percent use of the school buses, B is 50 percent and then C is pure remote learning."

Sutton said the state is expected to decide on a plan by July.

"That's the work before us, and that's why I mentioned earlier that I anticipate we'll have another session, perhaps before the end of this month," said superintendent Cathy Moore.

They'll also get feedback from Board Advisory Councils (BACs) during more virtual meetings.

"Groups of parents, PTA groups, students, principals of the schools that are in their respective districts. Other parents will be able to join, who have not been generally involved with the BACs," Sutton said.

He said there'll be information about joining those virtual meetings on the WCPSS website.

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