Need to renew driver's license? Don't wait, DMV fees going up in 2016

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Friday, December 18, 2015
Department of Motor Vehicles

Wait till next year might work in baseball, but when it comes to renewing your driver's license or registering your vehicle, that thought will cost you money.

That's because the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, for the first time in 11 years, will raise fees. The higher rates for many drivers and vehicle services become effective Jan. 1, 2016.

And don't wait until the last minute, because the NCDMV online services website will temporarily close on New Year's Eve (at 9 p.m.) to allow time to upload the fee schedule.

The website should return to live service at 12:01 a.m. on Jan. 1 with the new fees in place.

The NCDMV website offers vehicle registration renewals, driver license renewals, orders for duplicate vehicle registration cards or driver licenses, requests for driving records, payments for insurance lapses, and orders for personalized and special license plates.

The new fees were passed by the N. C. General Assembly in budget appropriations legislation, House Bill 97.

Some of the fees include a $1 increase for each year issued of a driver's license, making an 8-year license or ID $40 and a five-year license or ID card $25.

Vehicle registration will increase by $8, making the annual registration fee for a standard private passenger vehicle $36.

Other changes include the elimination of the 10-Day Trip Permit. Instead, vehicles that require temporary registration for transfers, sales, travel or inspections will be issued a 10-Day Temporary Registration Permit. Beginning January 1, the temporary permit will cost $10 and must be notarized.

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