NC State student raises funds for Narcan to combat opioid overdoses on campus after losing friends

Sunday, January 28, 2024
NC State students raise funds for Narcan to combat campus opioid ODs
A North Carolina State University sophomore and West Henderson High School graduate is doing what she can to offer resources to her peers.

RALEIGH, N.C. -- A North Carolina State University sophomore is doing what she can to offer resources to her peers.

Her cause--making Narcan more available on campus. Alyssa Price says the death of two friends inspired her to be part of a solution to the issue.

"Opioids are everywhere, like, they're everywhere, and you see it a lot more on college campuses," Price said.

The 2022-23 school year at N.C. State was tragic. Fourteen students died, including two who fatally overdosed, according to an N.C. State spokesperson via ABC.

"I saw how it affected all of us last year, and I really want to combat that and fight the opioid overdoses that are affecting college campuses."

Price said she lost two friends last year and saw the change on campus.

"They (the university) created a bunch of preventative measures last year with a lot of mental health interventions, a lot of mental health discussions, but we did not have the part that was, what if it happened?" Price said. "And so, this is what if it happened, and it's a primary response before the first responders come."

She is referring to opioid overdoses and access to Narcan, a medicine that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose.

"It could really save a kid's life," Price said.

That's why Price and her friend Naila are raising money so they can give Narcan to students for free.

"There is Narcan that can be handed out on campus, but, primarily, it's if you sign up for it and a lot of it goes to Greek life. But you have to complete a training beforehand. So, this would ensure that students can just grab and go and get the Narcan, as well," she said.

A statement from the N.C. State reads: "NC State University appreciates these students' efforts to raise awareness and funds for this critical need. The university's on-campus pharmacy sells over-the-counter Narcan to students, faculty and staff. In addition, NC State's Prevention Services provides training and free Narcan kits to any member of the campus community who requests one. In the past two years, 744 kits have been distributed at no cost. The university remains committed to providing resources for anyone who is at risk, or knows someone at risk, and would benefit from Narcan." Price said she is working hand-in-hand with the university's prevention services but wanted to do something more."

"We can only urge people to get grants for Narcan so much, and so, we're like, OK, let's just go out and raise money ourselves. And people really applauded us," she said. "We've had a lot of great feedback from back at home in Hendersonville and Asheville."

They've raised more than $1,000 via a GoFundMe. Price said the goal is to raise $7,500 and, no matter the final number, it will all go to purchasing Narcan, which they plan to give out on a campus wellness day in February.

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