'Magnetic personality.' Tributes pour in for beloved Fayetteville photographer Traci Falcon

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Friday, September 15, 2023
Tributes pour in for beloved Fayetteville photographer Traci Falcon
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Tributes pour in for beloved Fayetteville photographer who died in car crash.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A community in Fayetteville is grieving after a beloved artist Traci Falcon died in a car accident back on Monday.

Falcon was known as a supporter of various community initiatives in the area died in the crash.

Friends at Falcon's memorial on Owen Drive tell ABC11 they'll never forget Falcon's boundless energy or how she lit up a room.

"Traci was 10 pounds dynamite in a 5-pound sack. She was a very small package but so energetic. She loved on everybody, she was so outgoing," said Billy Ray Maitland.

Falcon's magnetic personality and niche interests are in part why friends say her death will leave a void in the community.

Fayetteville police say Falcon died in a car crash at a plaza on Owen Drive shortly after 12 AM on Tuesday. Police say just Falcon's car was in the accident after she ran off the road and hit a pole; police say they are still investigating.

"I just want her to be remembered not for the accident but for what she did for others through her work and her personality," said Sara Falcon, Falcon's sister.

Friends describe Falcon as a philanthropist, frequently supporting community initiatives, non-profits and investing in young artists.

Thomasina Bradley says Falcon was supportive of her daughter's creative and modeling aspirations.

"Without her, I can't say the brand would be as nice as it is because she used her knowledge and what she knew we needed and gave it to us. And she didn't ask for anything. It was all out of support and her just wanting to see the youth prosper."

Friends describe Falcon as a brilliant creative as well. The small business owner specialized in special effects makeup and photography.

"I don't think she ever stopped a day in her life and she was eclectic and she wanted to make sure that she made the most of every minute of her day and her way of doing that was through her camera lens," Falcon said.

"There are so many people that are the same or are doing the same thing. She stood out. And because of that, it made you pay attention to her. Even if you didn't want to..." said Rochelle Jackson.

Sara Falcon also described her sister as a passionate mother to her three children.

"She was extremely close to her three little boys and made sure that that was her main focus of her life. But she used photography to kind of amplify that."

"I just love the fact that she was just her. No matter what, she didn't try to be anything or anybody else. She didn't care what anybody thought," said Elizabeth Stiff.

Friends say they're taking Falcon's death in stride.

"I don't want this tragedy and how she passed to overpower all the other things she did in this community," Maitland said, "all the people she reached out to, all the hearts that she touched."