North Carolina Central's Chancellor responds to lawsuit

Thursday, May 28, 2015
NCCU Chancellor defends herself
The Chancellor of North Carolina Central University has responded to the school's community after allegations of racism were made against her

DURHAM (WTVD) -- In her own words, North Carolina Central University Chancellor Debra Saunders-White sent out a campus-wide email defending herself and the school on Thursday.

She wrote, in part:

In the past several days, both NCCU and its leadership have been targeted by former University employees who are alleging and the media who are reporting behaviors that are inconsistent with the University's values. Please be assured that we work tirelessly to make certain that every employee of this institution is treated objectively and fairly.

Whether you are a member of our student, faculty, staff or alumni community, I understand how hurtful, malicious and personal these attacks may seem. But, please know that we will continue to uphold our ideals and Eagle Excellence to our upmost ability.

Three former employees of NCCU have filed separate lawsuits accusing Chancellor Saunders-White of discrimination and improper spending of taxpayer money.

Read the Chancellor's entire statement here

The plaintiffs all claim they're the victims of systematic discrimination under the leadership of Chancellor Saunders-White and Deans in the School of Business.

"This is not about trying to tear down North Carolina Central University or attacking the institution, it is a fine institution," said attorney Laura Noble. "But, based on the allegations brought to our attention by our clients, we believe it has some serious issues that it needs to address."

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