92-year-old graduates from NJ high school, after missing chance to get diploma due to WWII

GARFIELD, New Jersey -- There was a long, overdue celebration Friday for a high school graduate in New Jersey.

At just shy of 92 years old, John Benanti finally got to take part in his graduation ceremony. He missed out at the chance 75 years ago, when he went off to fight in World War II.

"It's amazing, it's amazing -- it's your dad, it fills your heart," said Benanti's daughter Barbara Cassella.

Benanti watched all the students go up one by one.

"My feeling is that I'm interfering with the graduation," he said.

That is not how the students felt -- his children, grandchildren and fellow vets were by his side, prouder than ever.

"John, who is 92, does everything the younger guys do," said Erwin Wasserman.

It was at an elementary school speech where Benanti admitted he chose to fight for the country, then finish high school. Someone was listening closely.

"The principal and teachers at the school got the whole ball rolling with the VFW in the high school," said his son, Vincent Benanti.

The memories of war are still fresh.

"He said this to me, he did this for the guys who didn't come back," his son added.

He was able to serve his country and live a great life.
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