News and Observer: Advance Auto's 600 'new jobs' in Raleigh includes some existing General Parts workers

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
N&O: Advance Auto's 'new jobs' includes some existing workers
On Tuesday, the McCrory administration was forced to respond to a report questioning just how many new jobs Advance Auto Parts will create in Raleigh.

RALEIGH -- The News and Observer reports that when Advance Auto Parts was awarded a state incentives package worth more than $17.4 million last week, the McCrory administration touted the company's plan to "create 600 new jobs" in Raleigh as part of its investment.

What wasn't mentioned was that a good chunk of those 600 jobs could be workers who are already employed by General Parts International, which Advance Auto acquired for $2.04 billion earlier this year.

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