Jackson police officer saves the day for elderly woman

JACKSON, N.J. -- A police officer in New Jersey went above and beyond to help a woman in his community.

Eleanor Metzger lights up recounting how her hero, a Jackson police officer, came to her rescue.

"That was a prayer," said Eleanor Metzger, 84.

Last Thursday, she needed to eat so she could take her medication, but her meals were frozen and she couldn't get her microwave working.

She used her Life Alert to call for help and Officer James Reynolds quickly came over.

"So I said to him, 'I'm so hungry and I can't find the plug, no electricity,'" Metzger said.

Officer Reynolds took care of everything.

"He fixed the microwave, he heated the whole meal up, and when it was all done he put it on the table and he cut the meat up and the potatoes, and then he said, 'Here, you sit here and enjoy it,'" Metzger said.

"It's nice. Anytime that I can do something to make someone's day better, it makes my day better," Officer Reynolds said.

Officer Reynolds, with 13 years on the force, did much more for Mrs. Metzger than just that.

"He did the dishes, cleaned up, wiped the table, he's a good man," Metzger said.

There was no other way to be for this officer, this gentleman, when it comes to wearing the uniform.

"Police officers do this kind of thing every day, maybe not cook meals, but there's always a positive side and I'm glad to see it's getting some attention," Officer Reynolds said.

She's an incredibly sweet woman who's so grateful to the officer. Her home health aides adore her, and wishes more of her needs were met. She needs a ramp to get outdoors.

Arthritis is hard on her body. Her trailer needs lots of work as black mold coats areas of her kitchen and bath. Her aide rigged her plumbing so that she could bathe her.

This proud, beautiful woman who decades ago won a beauty contest, who married the love of her life, who has an independent spirit, is grateful for the care she gets from strangers who are strangers no more.

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