Woman in Connecticut calls 911 to complain about wrong pizza order

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Of all the important things to call 911 for, an incorrect pizza order probably ranks among the bottom.

But a woman in Hartford Connecticut placed the call to complain that a local pizza shop had made a mistake with her order and wouldn't give her a refund. She wanted police officers to intervene.

According to the transcript, the caller said "I ordered a small pizza, half-cheese half-bacon and they bring me half-hamburger. So I called them back and they don't want to give me my money back. They keep hanging up on me."

"That's not a police matter ma'am," said the dispatcher, who politely informed the caller that 911 is for life-threatening emergencies only.

The caller also asked the dispatcher to call the pizza shop, but was told that could not be done.

She did offer to have an officer meet her at the shop, to help find a resolution.

The pizza shop said the incident happened a couple of weeks ago, and they would have been happy to replace the order, but the woman had already eaten half of the pie.

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