'This is great': Parade goers enjoy NCCU homecoming festivities with reminders to vote

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Sunday, November 6, 2022
NCCU homecoming parade watchers see reminders to vote
People who turned out for North Carolina Central's homecoming parade also saw a proliferation of reminders to vote.

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- There's always a happy crowd lining Fayetteville Street in Durham for North Carolina Central University's homecoming parade, this year, those who lingered until the end of those festivities got some extra music and movement from the Hillside High School marching band.

"They were great. It was great to see them, they did a very good job, " said Lakesia Register, mother of an NCCU student.

Patricia Belle who was born, raised and educated in Durham before moving to New York, is happy to be home for the annual celebration.

"This is great," Belle said. "This is really great, that we're able to get out and really enjoy the camaraderie of the day."

Fayetteville Street's also a busy road that gets clogged with cars at the height of rush hour. That's one reason for a proliferation of reminders to vote and campaign signs near Central's campus.

"Oh yeah, I've already voted," said NCCU student Nia Martin. "I did absentee voting because I'm from Mecklenburg County, down near Charlotte."

Hillside student Zoe Johnson's fifteen but said younger students like her look forward to the day when they're 18 and can cast their own ballots in Durham.

"They're saying that we need to get out and vote, because it'll change our future," Johnson said.

Those who watch this video and find themselves motivated to vote can do that on Election Day Tuesday, the 8th of November.

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